Trust Account

Trust Account – Providing 100% Financial Protection

The basic principle of a trust account is that the consumers’ money is held in a secure account which is administered by independent trustees.

Protected Travel Services Limited meets all the requirements of the 1992 Package Travel Regulations and gives total security for your customer’s money.

The Benefits of Protected Travel Services Limited:

  • An inexpensive way of entering into the Travel Industry or growing your business whilst complying with the 1992 Package Travel Regulations
  • The most secure method of providing 100% financial protection to your customers
  • A Travel Industry recognised account monitored and controlled by independent trustees into which all of the customers’ money is placed
  • Straightforward accounting for your business; you need only account for the profit on bookings and your overheads. All work involved with reconciling customer payments and making supplier payments is completed by Protected Travel Services on your behalf
  • Suppliers paid direct from the trust account and profit paid to you
  • Merchant facilities allowing you to take card payments from your customers (see Merchant Facilities for more information)

To speak to us in more detail about the services Protected Travel Services can offer or the functionality of a trust account please contact us on 0207 190 9988 or