Adwords Management

Protected Travel Services specialise in creating and managing target Google Adwords campaigns within the Travel Industry. We have over 15 years experience in the travel industry and Pay Per Click (PPC), working with targeted adwords campaigns. With our support you will be able to direct the right type of traffic to your website delivering a high goal conversion and thus achieving a low cost per enquiry.

There are a number of key areas that have to be taken into account when developing a targeted campaign through PPC advertising:

  • The correct keywords
  • Targeted ads
  • The ‘call to action’ on ads
  • The time of the day you advertise
  • Which day(s) of the week targets clients searching your product
  • Monitoring cost per enquiry

Our aim is to work with companies on gaining an understanding of their product and sales route. Delivering traffic to your website that will deliver on goal conversion and profit.

If you have a Google Adwords campaign running and would like a free consultation please call us on 0207 190 9988.