Starting as a Tour Operator

Hopefully by now you will have already established your reasons for getting into the Travel Industry and may now be wondering how to become a tour operator business. To increase your chances of starting as a successful tour operator you will need to consider a specific area of the market, otherwise known as a niche, that you can sell. The information below can be used as a guide for anyone wondering how to start as a tour operator for the first time.

Choosing a Niche

There are many examples of niches which you can choose from when you are a tour operator start up. Examples can include starting a stag and hen tour operator specialising in group breaks or a ski or golf tour operator specialising in sports activities. Your niche could be anything that you may have a passion for or can be related to a particular hobby or interest.

You could also make your portfolio of travel packages even more unique by focusing on a particular part of a niche subject. For example, if you were starting a ski tour operator you may wish to target schools or a specific location in France.

Or, if you wished to start a golf tour operator you might want to market your packages at the retired or business market.

The options can be endless and the information above is used purely as an example. Ultimately if you have a keen interest in a particular area such as sport or education then you can use your specialist knowledge to start a tour operator business so that you can offer a variety of travel services that appeal to niche markets.

If you are considering starting business as a tour operator you will need to follow most of the steps we have listed in Starting a Travel Company.

If you are still not sure on the trading differences between starting a tour operator or starting as a travel agent then we would suggest reading the PTS Blog post (dated 06/12/2012) so that you are clear on the business model you are looking to follow.